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The Wright Safety Jack is the first Safety Stand and Jack combined into one to give you the safest jack for trucks and trailers on the market.

One of the easiest jacks to use on the market. Just place the Safety Jack under the axle or diff and drive forward or backwards to lift the axle off the ground to change your tyre, check the wheel bearings or work on the axles (changing brakes, bushes).

• The Wright Safety Jack is a 20,000 kg Jack and a 12,000 kg Safety Stand built into one product.

• With the Australian DOT max being 9,000kg allowed on an axle, the Wright Safety Jack surpasses this requirement.

• Can be used on pitchmen, asphalt, dirt and concrete.

• Tested beyond Australian Certification requirement having been tested to 60,000kg and passing without any distortion of the Wright Safety Jack.

• Complies with Australian Standards AS/NZS2693:2011 Vehicle Jack

• AS/NZS 2538 Vehicle Support Stand

• International Patent No. PCT/AU2012/000878

• Part Number SAFETYJACK

• Price $380


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